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The Missed Connections - Jarrod Matthew

My piece explores through the medium of glitch art the beauty of the missed connections portion of Craigslist. Everyone for the most part knows what Craigslist is, they think they know the kind of place it is, but how many have been to the missed connections section. For those who aren’t familiar it’s where a person is able to go in hopes of reconnecting with a person they were possibly too shy to talk to in some instant at a super market or something, maybe the conditions weren’t right, one way or another they lost their chance to ‘connect’ with them. This is their second chance, their shot in the dark. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?. If a person falls in love with a stranger because of the way they twirled their hair standing in the line for groceries, does it make it less real?  It’s far and few that they probably check the missed connections but stranger things have happened, and so what this page has become is this giant cache of people leaving messages about secretly admiring someone from across a restaurant. It’s this concept of serendipity that maybe they could find one another again, that if it’s meant to be then they will find one another and It won’t matter that instead of talking to her you decided to dart your eyes away to the tabloid magazines in the aisle. What they’ll do is list all these details to narrow it down, black nail polish, heart necklace, anything and I find it all incredibly fascinating, I have spent hours going through these ads because they are so raw and the persistence in the face of the odds is beautiful even if at the same time it’s a little embarrassing we’re all so afraid to talk to one another. So with The Missed Connections what I wanted to explore was the idea of  a fleeting moment, memory, fear, anxiety, and the fracturing of our relationships to strangers who maybe didn’t have to be a stranger.

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